Instructions for Trainers

Print the following documents on different-colored paper if possible. For example: Seeing Anew on blue paper, and Strategies for Engagement on eggshell. Print one copy of each document per group.

“Seeing Anew” matching exercise
“Strategies for Engagement” matching exercise
“Strategies for Reshaping Practice” matching exercise

Cut up each of the three documents into single statements/strategies, and place each set of statements in a separate envelope with the title of the document on the envelope.

Each group should have a set of three envelopes.

Note: You may wish to give teachers the working documents as a reference; that way, if they are unsure what a statement/strategy means, they can look it up.

“Seeing Anew” working document
“Strategies for Engagement” working document
“Strategies for Reshaping Practice” working document

Instructions for Groups

  1. Lay out the contents of each envelope, using the envelope as an overall heading.
  2. As a group, decide on a lesson at least one of you teaches, and briefly describe how it is currently taught.
  3. Look at the statements under the heading Seeing Anew. Choose a “toward”-statement that would suit that lesson. Discuss how the lesson might be changed in light of that statement.
  4. Go to the heading Strategies for Engagement and find one or more strategies that would help students engage with your new way of seeing that lesson.
  5. Now look at the strategies listed under the heading Strategies for Reshaping Practice and select something that you could do as a teacher to reflect and support your choice from Seeing Anew. How could you reshape your practice so that it is in line with your new way of seeing this lesson?

Share some of the results of this exercise.