1. Help learners focus on key ideas and issues

  2. Invite learners to think with a key image or phrase

  3. Lead learners to explore a fresh emphasis

  4. To experience delight, reflection, and wonder

  5. To experience God’s world in its wholeness

  6. Extend their ways of participating

  7. To learn from as well as learn about

  8. To pursue big questions

  9. Help learners to reflect carefully on ideas and experiences

  10. Have learners consider contrasts and dissonance

  11. Explore possibilities for active commitment

  12. To explore topics within a new context or framework

  13. To critically engage with examples, activities, and tasks

  14. Trace connections between faith and learning and life

  15. To explore the coherence of God’s world

  16. Help learners to approach learning in relational terms

  17. Help learners to relate to the wider world