Learners can be encouraged to engage with the local community and the world in order to see a subject in a new light. This might involve inviting people to come and share their knowledge and understanding with the class, or going into the community. It could be experiencing the first signs of spring in the park with younger children or inviting musicians from the church community into school.

  • Learners can engage with case studies of real situations such as child workers on cocoa farms. This can be part of showing historical parallels between campaigns for change in the past and campaigns today. In modern foreign languages, learners can use language to reflect the thoughts, feelings, and choices of people in the community rather than just their own preferences and opinions.
  • Learners can respond to a crisis by using their math and cooking skills to bake cakes and raise money.
  • Learners can work alongside members of the community, either in school as part of a topic or in the wider community setting.

These examples reflect a few ways in which subjects can encourage learners to look outward to the wider world rather than focusing only on themselves and their part of the world.