As teachers we can focus on the key emphasis by highlighting key words visually and verbally. We can also use objects to focus attention. Focusing can involve identifying what is important, such as a character’s choices in a text and their degree of responsibility. It could include being intentional about teaching self-control in sports.

  • Teachers can highlight the creativity in a poem (such as the “Ducks’ Ditty” in The Wind in the Willows) and its connection to faith by the way they present it. They can be intentional about explicitly addressing fears about changing and showering in PE.
  • Teachers can use a photograph frame to display learners’ work in order to be intentional about giving encouragement. They can use objects such as bananas in maths to focus on injustice.

These examples show how sometimes all that is needed is being intentional or highlighting what is already in our teaching rather than making big changes.