earners can move beyond learning about to learning from a subject by engaging in activities that stress significance and meaning. When students learn from what they study, change is possible. For example, mapping a campaign for change in the past may teach students about being agents of change themselves.

  • Learners can learn from the mistakes of the past in history by looking at the faults as well as the achievements of people in the past, creating their own evaluations of characters’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Learners can learn from the faith and values of others. For example, managing without books for one day as part of Book Week and learning about the camel libraries of Kenya could help students learn from communities who are grateful for the luxury of books.
  • Learners can learn about the nature of faith by tracking the faith of a character and how it develops and changes in a text in English class and drawing connections to their own experience.

Examples such as these help students learn from what they study and can enable a more active relationship with their learning to take place.